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Different types of Solid waste Sources are:

  • Municipal Waste: Household waste, Institutional waste
  • Industrial waste as hazardous waste
  • Biomedical waste or hospital waste as infectious waste

Health impacts of solid waste
Due to modernization, the quantity of waste is increasing day by day. These solid wastes are pathogenic and infectious. The waste is collected ultimately in the municipal waste collection from where it is further processed. However, either due to resource crunch or inefficient dumpsite, there is improper management it leads to severe health impacts from the pathogenic waste. 
Conventional disposal method:
All the solid waste is collected and dumped in the City Corporation Vehicles, which in turn dump into dumping grounds allotted by the city authorities.


SEAMAK offers Organic Waste Convertor for bio-mechanical treatment of segregated organic waste raging from 25 – 125 Kg per batch. It homogenizes organic waste with appropriate bio-culture and organic media. The coarse wastes such as garden pruning, bones etc are shredded prior to feeding into OWC machine. The output from OWC machine is raw compost having uniform colored and soil structured coarse powder, free of bad odor. The leachate is controlled during homogenization process in OWC. The OWC operates in batch cycle of about 15-20 minutes. The waste treated in OWC machine accelerates the composting cycle. 

The raw compost is placed into compost curing system where moisture is controlled using fogging system. The raw compost is bio-converted into matured compost in about 10 to 15 days of curing period. 

The matured compost can be utilized for in-house gardening, landscaping, or for green initiatives such as eco-housing, eco-township, eco-hotel etc or as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives such as social forestry, mine area / wasteland rejuvenation for Bio-energy plantation etc 

  • Air Pollution Control

Air pollution is more hazardous than waste water as it quickly spreads occupying large volumes within factory and neighboring areas. It is the duty of the industry to keep air pollution within limits of CPCB and observe safety norms as per OSHA (Occupational Safety and Hazard Act).
Systems offered by SEAMAK
Bag filters 
Fume Scrubbers 
D G Set Scrubber


SEAMAK has a highly trained and qualified engineering support team with varied expertise in designing, engineering, piping, electrical, civil, automation and instrumentation. We not only provide clear and detailed design and drawing to all our customers but also undertake basic engineering, detailed engineering, piping, isometric and 3D modeling contract jobs.



SEAMAK’S very efficient and highly trained service support team is always available to attend to all your service calls solve all the problems in the plants. Our service team trains your personal on all the operating and maintenance procedures of the plants and also undertakes operation and maintenance, annual maintenance contracts to ensure all the plants that are supplied are operated and maintained properly.