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Annual Maintenance Contract

Seamak offers specialized service packages which covers the water & waste water equipments with the most trusted people from the Industry. We have strong force of over 1000 people working on operation and maintenance. We follow preventive maintenance concept which helps in delivering value to customer. With the regular AMC package, we include scheduled inspection visits and scheduled maintenance and services. Also, there is a provision to opt for our value added services like monitoring, Lab and Instrument support by customizing this package.

Biotechnological solutions
Seamak also Provides Biotechnological solutions to our customers which can be opted with/without the AMCs.
The biotechnological solutions to various persistent problems faced by industries during treatment of waste/wastewater or during production process. The end result is always effective solution to the problem with no side effect.

  • Bio-enzymes: We deal with Bio-enzymes which are mixtures of special natural occurring bacteria, which are both aerobic and anaerobic. They are non-toxic, non-pathogenic and non-opportunistic to tally harmless to human beings.

Bio-enzymes are useful for

  • ° Reducing BOD/COD loads in existing ETP/STP
  • ° Removes hydrogen sulfide odors
  • ° Reduces sludge volumes
  • ° Degrades oil spills on water
  • ° Bio-remediation of solids
  • ° Clears grease traps and septic tanks
  • ° Degrades organic compounds and solvents like phenols, cresols, aldehydes, and ketones etc. which are difficult to treat in normal ETP conventional process.