Biogas is a gas produced by the breakdown of bio-degradable organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Bio Projects Biogas is one of the key renewable energy sources, produced by the anaerobic degradation (or fermentation) of biodegradable materials such as food waste, garden waste, energy crop waste, cow dung, chicken faeces, industrial wastes, sewage sludge, and municipal waste.

Biogas is mainly constituted of methane and carbon di-oxide and also contains traces of hydrogen sulphide. The combustion of these components releases energy which allows biogas to be used as alternate fuel for cooking, can also be converted to electricity and can be compressed to form a ‘biofuel’

Advantages Of Bio Projects Bio: Flexible Design

  • Uncomplicated installation and quick start-up.
  • Modular system: very flexible in terms of set-up and digestive use.
  • Interfaces perfectly matched one to the other.
  • High-quality components and parts, low maintenance operation.
  • Stand-alone operation possible.
  • Has potential to reduce Carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Can be integrated into existing infrastructure & we shall customize as per clients requirement.
  • Reduced energy costs and emissions.
  • They come in different weights and capacities. • Climate friendly electricity and Heat generation heating pads helps in reducing power consumption.

Anaerobic Digestion of Green


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