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Swimming Pool, Cooling & Chilled Water Treatment

Cooling Water Chemicals

Seamak provides an extensive range of products and services for open-circulating once through and closed loop systems. Our comprehensive cooling water treatment program consists of Corrosion Inhibition, Scale Inhibition and Biocide control complemented by continuous monitoring and evaluation of the system

  1. Corrosion control: SeaMakhas a wide range of both anodic and cathodic inhibitors that are specifically formulated to passivate the metal by reducing the corrosion potential.
  2. Scale Control: Due to the many impurities in water, there are possibilities of reduced heat transfer, corrosion, restriction in water throughput and equipment downtime. Tailor made specific scale inhibitor programs are extremely critical for scale and fouling control as well as mineral scale prevention
  3. Microbiological Control: The 3 main product solutions used for microbiological control are (a) Oxidizing Biocides (b) Biodisperants (c) Non-oxidizing Biocides

Boiler Water Treatment

  1. Oxygen Scavengers: These are used to remove the dissolved oxygen from the boiler feed water. They thus control the corrosion in the feed water tank and the condensate return lines. SeaMak offers specifically formulated products based on Sodium Sulphite, DEHA (Diethyl Hydroxylamine), Tannins, Hydrazine, etc. These products reduce the levels of dissolved oxygen and also passivate the metal surface.
  2. Sludge/Scale Conditioner: These products react with the alkalinity of the boiler water. Hence, neutralizing the hardness of the water and preventing scale formulation. SeaMakoffers products based on phosphate and poly-phosphate as well as poly acrylate, maleic acrylate co-polymer for conditioning of alkaline water.
  3. Alkalinity Builders: Sometimes it is necessary to add an alkalinity booster to set right the boiler water chemistry to prevent scale formation. Another benefit of adding this pH booster is that it helps to protect the feed water tank, feed line and flew gas economizer from acid corrosion. SeaMak’spH booster is a high performance product for this application.

Membrane Separation Systems/ Reverse Osmosis

Seamak offers a comprehensive range of

  • Antiscalants
  • Cleaners
  • Biocides
  • Flocculants

These products have been specifically developed for all types of systems and feed water quality and offer significant cost, safety and operational flexibility and benefits.

Raw Water And Waste Water Treatment

Seamak provides a comprehensive range of polyelectrolytes, which include

  • Organic & Inorganic coagulants
  • Cationic and Anionic flocculants

Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling towers are used widely due to their optimal cooling technology for industrial processes and HVAC applications. Water shortages combined with increased water usage have combined to decrease the availability and increase the cost of high quality makeup water for cooling tower systems. Stringent environmental regulations for effluent water discharge have led to a pressing need for better technology and products. This coupled with the control of scale, biological fouling, deposition and corrosion has increased the challenges in the proper operation and maintenance of an effective cooling water system.

Swimming Pool maintenance is often a neglected aspect. Many people believe that dosing chlorine should be enough for their pools. We believe that if you cannot see through the floor tiles of your pool there is a maintenance problem here. Maintaining Swimming pool is like walking a fine balance between comfort and hygiene. It’s an art as well as a science. SeaMak brings to you comprehensive set of services which covers every aspect of your pool maintenance.

Annual Maintenance Plans


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