Effluent Treatment Plant


Seamak Offers compact economical industrial effluent plants which are designed to recycle the water to be used in other applications. All the effluent treatment plants are strictly in compliance with the design specifications laid down by the regulatory authority. Effluent treatment plants manufactured by us are tailor made systems designed for individual projects.

Applications of these plants are in various industries like
  • Paint shop, Heavy metal waste-phosphating and decreasing operations.
  • Oil refineries.
  • Leather industry.
  • Paper industry waste treatment, recovery of fibers and recycling.
  • Textile based treatment and de-colorization.
  • Milk Dairies.
  • Food, fruit pulp and sugar industry etc.

The effluent treatment plant involves different stages of treatment which includes physio - chemical treatment,biological treatment followed by tertiary treatment. SEAMAK manufactures Agitators, Diffusion Aeration Systems, Lamella Clarifiers, Flocculators, Trickling Filters, Clarifiers, and Filters etc. Our engineers can also custom design effluent treatment plants based on the specific application requirement of the customers. Seamak's Industrial effluent plants comprise of a compact design that can be easily installed on the site.