Organic Waste Converters

Composting is nature's way of recycling nutrients into organic manure. Our offered range converts the organic waste added to the machine into nitrogen rich compost by reducing its volume to almost 90% of the original. It provides favourable conditions of food, water, temperature and mixing for composting cultures. The increased temperature kills pathogens and also accelerates the composting process. These products are technologically advanced and confirm to industrial quality norms of industry standards


Apartments / Townships / Villas/Hotels / Restaurants/Office buildings / Educational institutions / Hostels

Treatable items

Kitchen waste, vegetables, fruits, flowers, leaves from the garden and paper.

Untreatable items

Metal waste / Plastic / Glass / Large shells /Petrochemicals / Stones


Sample image
High waste conversion capacity & Low energy consumption
Fully Automatic with sturdy construction
Output takes about 24-72 hrs with 80-90% volume reduction
Low Noise/ Nil Labour / process handling
Remove output once in every 2-3 days
Very good aesthetics/ Stainless Steel tank , Life of 20+ yrs
Continuous Process